What is an Electronic Payment System and how does it work?

It is hard to imagine a contemporary life without electronic payments, which have already come to be a part of our daily routine. With just one click we send money to our friends and relatives, pay for goods and services in online stores or other enterprises, and exchange easily one currency for another. The next stage in Electronic Payment System development was cryptocurrency integration.


PayPal was among the first to announce a cryptocurrency integration into the payment system and soon other payment services began to integrate special software for crypto payments. Evapay Payment System also allows you to make cryptocurrency payments without borders and restrictions.

Evapay’s intention is to bring financial transactions to the highest level by combining all the advantages of standard banking, electronic payments and cryptocurrency transactions!


Evapay provides unique opportunities for business clients and personal accounts. Using Evapay payment system, you will be able to:


  • Make settlements with other users
  • Receive personal and business electronic payments
  • Safely store funds on your account and receive payouts
  • Make regular electronic payments
  • Pay for goods and services in online stores
  • Buy bitcoins and various currencies online


Our team strives to offer customers perfect service in every financial transaction carried out by Evapay system. You have an opportunity to be our client!


Evapay Digital Money is Total Security


Evapay never asks for your personal information, unlike the other payment systems asking you regularly to provide various personal information. All we need to know is your address and password in Evapay system. We take all possible measures to protect your personal data and financial information. For this reason our team regularly monitors transactions and pays attention to user verification. Two-factor verification and security questions provide even more reliable protection to access to your wallet.


Our primary mission is to eliminate all the weaknesses of existing payment systems and combine three aspects of online payments – banking, cryptocurrency and electronic payments into one universal system.


We seek to provide our clients with a cutting-edge model dealing with electronic currency, offering the most convenient and fastest solutions for financial independence. Evapay specialists are also focused on customer data confidentiality while making it easier to deposit, withdraw, pay and transfer money around the world with the lowest fees.

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